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Job Offer

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    The other day I met a up and coming fashion designer from florida. We got talking and found we had a lot in common, I showed him some of the outfits I had designed and made and he loved them! (he also showed me his designs) He then offered me a free trip to florida to be a runway model for the opening of his new brand and company, also asked me if I'd do a photo shoot and help him design and make some of the clothes. If I accept this I will get partnership in his company. He has sent me papers (contracts etc) but the problem is all of this clashes with my university course which was very competitive to get in and I don't know whether I want to accept it... Modelling/study? :rolleyes:

    Anyway the story continues, he has my number and email so that we can keep in contact and I am getting the feeling he likes and wants me as more than a business partner. I addressed him on this point and he apologised and said he would never leave me behind in this offer no matter what happened between us. He continues to send things which could and are being taken the wrong way. This is making me wonder about his sincerity with the job offer or if he only did it to get closer to me.

    Please help me, are there any thoughts on this issue?
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    Sounds like a player :biggrin:

    More seriously, you should probably check him out a bit more - previous clients etc. - and not necessarily through the internet.

    Plus, I'd talk this through with friends that know you irl - they'll be able to judge the situation much better than people on a bb.
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    I would certainly NOT quit college. What are your options ? Can't you take a leave of absence from college ? If not, drop the job offer but say that you want to collaborate in the future. If this guy really wants to work with you, he must be able to wait a certain amount of time. Also, it is important you give him clear explanations as to why you cannot join him now. Stress the fact that you DO want to work with him and ask if there is no possibility of postponing this work.

    I can't blame him :rofl:. No, sorry, that was stupid.

    Anyways, there is always a risk. Just keep behaving very professionally abd don't give in to any suggestion that he makes. There is also the option that you are interpreting this incorrectly. In these situations, one can never be sure, so just "keep the distance". Time will tell what kind of guy this is. What you CAN do is try to find out more about this person and his company, like previous clients etc etc...

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    Sounds like a bit of a risk if you take it-- you say that he's up and coming, and that it's a new company, so no matter what contract you sign, if the company loses money, then you're not going to come off well! Especially given the fact that you've got a place on a competitive university course, I'd look into it more, and find out who this guy is, to find out whether it really is as much of a risk as it sounds.

    With respect to the second paragraph, you should ask someone elses advice; someone who you trust to tell you the truth, and who has met him.
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    No way am I dropping out of uni, I finally got what Ive been working so hard for and only 25 of us were chosen for the course, but this that he is offering me is a once in a lifetime opportunity
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    You do not know this. Besides, so is this course you are following. Really, try to work out a scheme where you guys postpone the work until your course is finished. If he does not want to do this, just drop it. It's hard but you will not fell sorry in the end. Other opportinuties will come along.

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    thanks guys
    I appreciate and am taking in all your words of advice
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    Did he give you details of the show - official confirmation from venue etc., not just his details.

    New brand and new company?

    Have you done any research into how hard/easy it is to start a new fashion company?

    Just questions I'd be asking.

    (Plus: don't give him any money - and don't drop out of uni, even if you do take the trip to Florida <--- you should take a male friend with you too!)
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    Sounds like 'Warning' bells are going off.

    Maybe he is hoping to spark a romance. Perhaps he is sincere about the business relationship, but it's hard to tell. Of course, one must wonder it if plausible that he would approach a young person trying to get into university with such a business offer. :uhh:

    Ithink J77 gives some good advice - Perhaps further an extended or more comprehensive background check is in order. Check to see if his any of his designs have been picked up by anyone. Check up on the business through official channels.

    Don't go to Florida alone as J77 indicated.
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    I was offered a modeling contract with a large firm when I was 16. I was walking through a shopping mall parking lot and suddenly this car comes racing across the lot towards me and I thought he was going to run me down. Turns out he was a scout for a rather famous modeling firm and wanted me to come in for a photo shoot, the money he was quoting was pretty tempting, he turned out to be legitimate and then an offer to be the "model person" for a series of tv ads that became quite famous but my mother refused hey all I had to do was sit on top of a car in white hot pants and boots. :bugeye:

    Sounds too flaky Rhuthe, stay in school. Young girls get offers like this all the time, very few become successful.
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    I had that offer too Evo, but I was more sure about turning it down :smile:
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    :rofl: So neither of us got to sit on the hood? :tongue2:
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    The fact that he is new, that he is starting something, is a sign that there is no guarantee. At most, it's a long shot. Why should he be starting something new if he is a good as he says? He should be in the business. If in doubt, there is no doubt.
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    :rofl: I'm sure you would have looked infinitely better than I in white hot pants and boots :smile:
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    This sounds like a scam artist.
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    My niece was "discovered" for a car commercial that way. She was in a Chevrolet commercial in the "real cars for real people" ad campaign and her ad debuted on the Super Bowl, so they laid out some real cash to show that cutie leaning on a Chevy. They ran the ad frequently enough that she got some nice royalty checks. She didn't fall for the modeling routine, and is a dental hygienist. When she's older and not as hot-looking, she'll still have a good job with an income that will let her help put her two kids through college.

    Good advice. Get a good education first. The world isn't going anywhere soon.
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    thanks everyone, I am just waiting and watching at the moment. I will not be leaving university that is absolute, he is sending me clothes and sketches and stuff, I have done some research on him and he seems genuine. I did get warned by a friend about sex scams, how they import forgein girls with lies of modelling careers. But this guy does seem to be genuine and he has also offered a male model and friend of mine a job, but I am going to see if I can do the designing part of it while I study, because that is the part of it I most want. Becoming a radiation therapist is top on my list of things to do though and will take priority
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    Well, if you can model around your academic schedule, the do so, assuming that you can verify this guy's legitimacy. It sounds like a great opportunity. If you some design work, make sure you protect your proprietary rights - i.e. don't give away your designs. Does your family know a trusted lawyer?

    And I would still recommend not going to Florida without a chaperone (or trusted friend).
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    I have to agree with Astronuc's advice. First, this sounds very high risk and very sketchy, somewhat sleezy even. So, I'd reinforce his suggestion that any business arrangements be mediated through a good lawyer, partly so he can't steal your designs, and partly to protect your "partnership" if that's what he's offering. It's too easy to back out on promises if there are no contracts first, and you'll need a lawyer to make sure the contract doesn't have giant loopholes.

    And, I also agree with the idea of having a chaperone accompany you if you do decide to do the modelling. If his intentions are good, he won't object to this. If he has sleezy ideas, you'll find out when you suggest that you'll have a chaperone/companion (it sounds sexist, but bring a male companion if you can...if he has less than honorable views, a male chaperone will be more threatening in appearance than a female chaperone).

    And, absolutely don't give up your education. If you can work around your education, great, but this sounds like way too high of a risk to give up your education. If his show is a flop, or he can't come up with good ideas without stealing them from others (how do you know the designs he showed you really are his original work, and not stolen from someone else?), then you're out of a job and an education. If you can work out an arrangement where you can take time off, or work during school breaks, that would be far better than leaving school for this. Afterall, it sounds like you want to be a designer, not a model, so there's no advantage in modelling for him.
  21. Jan 29, 2007 #20
    I quite agree, as usual Astronuc's wisdom is right on the money.
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