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Job offer

  1. Feb 16, 2008 #1
    Hi all,

    I have a job offer from a company that is due by this week (Job#1). Im still waiting on another company, Job#2, which I really want to work for. I interviewed with them approx 1.5 weeks ago and really need answer because I'll need to decide on Job#1. How can I email the guy from Job#2 to see if I got it? I'm not sure what to say in the email.

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    I'd ask company one for an extension first. They're likely to grant it, unless the project is time-sensitive. If that's a no-go, just tell the second company your situation. They'd hate to lose you because their HR guy was sick the day you needed the response. On the other hand, if they really haven't decided yet, they won't decide on the spot just because you need them to.
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    Yep, see that's why I want to tailor my email so it doesn't make it seem I'm pushing him to decide... I know he is interviewing other candidates, like any other person. The person I'd be emailing is a technical manager, not HR.
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    But aren't you pushing him to decide? I promise, it will come off much worse if you don't mention your other offer. In the first case, you're pushy, but there's a reason. In the second case, you're pushy for what appears to be no good reason.
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