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Job Options

  1. Jul 7, 2012 #1
    Hey guys,
    I was curious ( I am currently a freshman in college) what job opportunities are out there for people who major in physics (B.S. or Ph.D.). I am specifically interested in jobs for people interested in theoretical/particle physics.

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    University professor.
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    A university professor is pretty much the only solid job if you want to do theoretical particle physics professionally. You could also get jobs as some sort of research associate (like at CERN, SLAC, etc.), but those jobs aren't necessarily permanent positions since the funding typically comes from grants, and they don't pay as well as professor, either.

    Also, keep in mind that's it's very difficult to become a professor. The odds are slim. There are far, far more applicants trying for professorships than there are job openings for them. Like, HUNDREDS of PhDs applying for a single professor job.
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    Thanks for all the answers.

    Just how hard is it to become a university professor? I'd like to believe that if one works hard and is passionate about what one does, then attaining a position as a university professor should be a probable option.

    Comparatively, how hard is it to come by positions as a research associate (again assuming one is passionate and works hard in their field) and does a research associate make enough money to support oneself?
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    Depends on what you mean by university professor I guess. If you include doing marginal internet work for Phoenix U, then maybe it's true.

    If you mean being a tenured professor at a State or good private university, then that belief is not justified.
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    Define "marginal internet work"
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