Job satisfaction

  1. for those of you who are employed, have you all found jobs you enjoy? or do you hate them?
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    I am self-employed as a systems integrator - engineering, consulting, programming - and I love what I do. It's a love/hate relationship at times, but the love is there. :biggrin:

    Never even had a job that I liked before this.
  4. Because I love my job I have never worked a day in my life. I am a software engineer.

    I have a Master's of Arts degree in Mathematics from Temple U. I concentrated my studies on unbounded operators in Banach space. There is a connection between writing a program and proving a theorem. That which is called elegance in Mathematics can be equated with what is called reusability in software. That is, a reusable routine is one which makes a minimum of assumptions about its callers and an elegant theorem is one which uses a minimum of hypotheses.
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    Could I request that those who state their jobs also list their educational qualifications, eg. mechanical engineering degree etc.?
  6. I mildly liked my last job, that was until they laid me off for being sick too much. Not taking the piss sick, I mean sick with Dr's notes and stuff. So on reflection, pretty much no never liked any of them that much.

    I have a certificate in science (roughly equivalent to A' levels in the "sciences") And two maths course passes, roughly equivalent to an A' level in maths. Not that it matters, they're not exactly work orientated qualifications. Some sundry office qualifications.
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  7. I used to have a great hobby, flying jet fighters or better toying with jets in several parts of the world, and, lo and behold, I even got paid for that.

    Nowadays I'm responsable for safeguarding a big part of European airspace from non legal irregularities, which is basically equivalent to a fire guards job. Do nothing, but be ready to react immediately; hardly challenging but great for studying and writing.
  8. lisab

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    I love my job. I'm a research technologist/chemist. I work in a lab that tests building materials.

    The best part about what I do is when a new product will come into our lab, and we'll have to figure out what tests we can do that will predict how well that product will perform in the field. To do this, we have to know how the product will be used, what stresses it will have on it (especially during earthquakes or strong winds), and what failure modes are most important, according to its application. Often we'll have to modify an existing method, sometimes we'll come up with a new test.

    Another cool part I like is when a product fails in the field, it gets sent to our lab. We have to determine why it failed - it's almost always because it was installed wrong.

    As far as the chemisty part, I work with wood adheisves - they're a big part of building materials.

    I didn't mean for this to be so long -- but I really love what I do!

    The bad part is, because the housing market is so dismal right now, we're really struggling and I might get laid off :cry: !
  9. I work in the adult film industry -very satisfying. And unlike reglar movies that can leave one sad or depressed, all my films have a happy ending. :smile:
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    I love my job too. I get to spend part of my time in a lab, part of it out on a farm, and part of it in the classroom. I do reproductive biology research and teach at the med school (primarily gross anatomy). The interesting thing is my research area and background bridges several traditional departments, so I do have a bit of trouble explaining to people what I do in the small sound-bite that they're usually expecting. It's kind of funny, because the anatomists I work with think I'm a physiologist because I work in the physiology dept, but I'm actually planning to move over to their department in the somewhat near future, so then the physiologists will probably think I'm a neuroscientist or anatomist (it's neurobiology and anatomy). I started calling myself a functional neuroanatomist a little while ago, since it seems to suit the cross-disciplinary nature of my work, though I've contemplated some other options like physiologicanatomicaneuroendocrinologist, but I'd have to practice saying that a whole lot to get it right before I could use it. :biggrin:
  11. Danger

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    I loved my job until this moment; now I want to trade with Cyrus.
  12. Theres plenty of room, its a 'growing' industry.
  13. Astronuc

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    I love my job - basically predictive analysis using nonlinear finite element methods. I work for a small privately-held engineering firm, and I have my own office I share with one colleague. Our clientele is world-wide.

    As a side, I'm a member of a number of technical societies which set standards and conduct conferences in materials, nuclear energy and aerospace.

    I obtained an MS in Nuclear Engineering and started a PhD but left to get a job and raise a family.
  14. turbo

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    Haven't you been keeping track of Cyrus and Marlon during chat? It's gay porn. :bugeye:
  15. Man talk about low blows turbo. (Im 3-3 on the puns so far!)
  16. turbo

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    Good tally on the puns, Cy!
  17. I am soooooooo happy that i have my extremely good looks to count on in every day life.
    So basically, I don't need a job...

  18. Although there is room for improvement (mainly in the wage department) I must say that I love being a Locksmith. New people constantly, one-on-one interactions, and a quite bit of free time, though that isn't to say that I wouldn't gladly put locksmithing on the side-burner if I could get into the FDNY.

    But even as fortunate as I am -- being young with a job I love -- if I could renew even a spark of passion for my education, I could finish an AS at least and life would be perfect.


    Sorry, once I start "speaking" I usually can't stop myself.:redface:
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  19. lisab

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    I was once saved by a locksmith...I somehow managed to lose my keys in the snow. He came out during a storm and made me a new key, on the spot. I was sooooo grateful! Best $50 I ever spent, saving me from my own stupidity :redface: !
  20. lisab, You must live in a city, be very lucky or that must have happened a while ago. But that is the exact reason I do this work. I come out, make you happy, you pay me, I walk away happy. omg I'm a low-class male Dupre.:eek:
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    Just waiting for you to start that "Who wants to be an adult film star?" thread. :approve:
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