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Job seeker in london

  1. May 20, 2013 #1
    I am an oversees student ,who hold MSc in structural engineering from Nottingham university, basically i want to work in London, actually i start to apply late a little bit( a month ago),and i have to find job before October with visa permission to stay in UK.

    In the previous month i applied to tons of jobs and i didn't get an interview!!

    1. I am first in class
    2.My skills in the Cv are really good(I believe)

    But perhaps ,since i am oversees ,my opportunity i less

    So is there any advice please
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    From what I gather of the immigration situation, visas are getting harder and harder to come across. You have a plus since you have leave to remain in the country until October, but will still require sponsorship. Have you spoken to the careers advisors at your university? They will be able to provide more assistance.
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    Your difficulties in finding work may have something to do with your English and/or general communication skills.

    How are you applying to these jobs? Who are you talking to? What feedback are you getting?
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