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Jobs available for a PhD in Robotics

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    What jobs would be available to me if I went on post-grad with a mechanical engineering degree and got a masters and eventually a phd, specializing in robotics? Im interested in knowing, so i can decide if i should go to grad school.
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    Robotics is a big interdesciplinary field, it consists of many subfields like control, Dynamics, kinematics, mechanical design, AI and many others. It depends on what field(s) you specialize, and if you want a phd, whether you want to go into industry, stay in academia as a faculty or even research in a government lab.

    I also studied robotic in graduate school. Many of my colleagues eventually landed in jobs that are not exactly designing/building/using robot, but are working in somewhat related technology (e.g. automation/control in General Motor).

    Though not many of us stay in robotics, this is by no mean a discouragement. I suspect that whether you get a robotic job also depend on the geographic region you live in, as for the place I lived in, there is not much demand of robotic engineers. There are also many many technology we learned in graduate school that are useful in other areas, as robotic is interdesciplinary. For example, my thesis advisor and many of my colleagues also work in actuation technology, which had been very useful in designing automation/assistive devices for handicap people.
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