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Jobs for fresh physics bs

  1. Jul 1, 2014 #1
    I just got my BS in Physics from Arizona State University (transferred from UC Irvine in CA after decided I didn't want to pursue biology major there and came back to AZ to live with family and work and pursue physics because I like it)

    I graduated yesterday and have a fire burning inside me to find a job in industry, finance, anything! I want to work and make money ASAP, I have no desire for a PHD in physics and am considering applying for the Masters in Nanoscience (1 year accelerated program at ASU) for the fall of next year.

    In the meantime, this summer, I am looking for a job. I love technology and keep hearing about physics majors working in the semiconductor industry and finance. Although helpful, I have not heard specifics of job descriptions. I was hoping anyone could provide insight or job hunt tips for me!
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    I think it would be tough to sell yourself for a position like that when you are only available to work for a few months over the summer. Or is it the Fall of 2015 that you hope to start your MS? Even one year of availability is not very long for a company to invest in you then make profit off of you. You may have to hide your intentions...
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    The majority of the physics majors working in these areas have a PHD.
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    What exactly would you do in the semiconductor industry? If I were to hire you today, what value could you add to my group? How would I justify your salary to my supervisor?

    One job hunt tip is not to mention you are thinking of leaving in a year to go back to grad school.
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