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Jobs for nuclear engineer

  1. Nov 15, 2016 #1
    I'm a student in university, my major is nuclear engineering, energy and nuclear electric. But in my country, nuclear electric company isn't build. I'm afraid that no jobs when I graduate. Besides working in company, what is the jobs for nuclear engineer?
    Thank you
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    What country are we talking about?
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    Just curious, but why are you studying nuclear engineering when there isn't any nuclear engineering going on in your country? Are you planning to emigrate?
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    I'm from Vietnam.
    My plan is working in foreign country. Or working in a foreign company in Vietnam that use nuclear application.
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    Keep in mind that many countries have special regulations in terms of anything related to nuclear power and foreign contacts/citizenships. Being from Vietnam is certainly better than being from Iran for example, but some jobs can have very strict rules in that aspect.
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    I think it will be very difficult to get jobs in other countries when you get your BS simply due to supply and demand. If you want to continue to pursue your dream of becoming a nuclear engineer, I would highly recommend you consider getting an MS or PhD in Europe or the USA.
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    Thank you.
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