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Jobs for physiotherapy

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    Are there any physiotherapists in this forum? I am actually studying for this, but I don't know if it brings in money (enough money to live comfortably).. I should have studied to become an orthodontist (sp?), much better job outlook.. that's the problem because I don't know very many places that have jobs for physiotherapy except for some sports organizations, so basically there is nothing here in this country...
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    I dont tihnk it brings much money in India.... i know quite a few indian physiotherapists who moved to Dubai, U.A.E coz they were not being paid well in India...
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    lol, but i am afraid to move to those countries, because of that Indian doctor who practiced there.. I am not sure if you heard about her, but from my memory this is what i remember, her patient had to have her uterus removed to survive, so this indian doctor without consulting the husband, because she had no time, she went ahead and removed the uterus and the patient survived.. The husband got angry and asked the Muslim court there to give the indian doctor punishment, the judge ruled that the indian doctor had to have her uterus removed for her actions! They did it and now that doctor is back in india.. After incidents like these, I am seriously frightened to practice any form of medicine in those places..
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    im sure such incidents take place in India too... i believe in destiny so ......

    Anyways, my brother-in-law is a radiologist in dubai,U.A.E... although he is not given the same freedom that he would be given in India, he still enjoys a better standard of living and a salary in Dirhams!

    I underwent rigorous physiotherapy since birth and being in touch with the physiotherapists here, you will not havee as much freedom as u could have got in India due to a little racism ( its not prominent and u wont get killed in riots or somethin... just exists in the workplace as the government is trying to help its locals! ) and also because Indian College degrees are not recognized i think and you would have to take a few tests here... Dubai enables indian doctors to enjoy a better standard of living among other similar factors..

    Not sure if the above post made any sense .. hope it helped..
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    Re: Physiotherapy

    HI all member's here, Me joining newly here and want to say HI to all and also wanna know about the physiotherapy and the use of this one technique...... Hoping that I have nice time here and got much knowledge about the topic............
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