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Jobs in a basic chemical plant

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    I have to do a detailed cost analysis of a chemical plants am ok for material units runing etc. costs, but I have to do stafing cost as well but im stuck with what jobs are on the plant, i'm going to predict approx. 100 staff for the plant as it is already next to another plant which has quite a few services. So far I got

    Control people

    Carnt really think of any more without sounding a bit to far out.

    Thanks loads.
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    Companies try to minimize staff. Whether or not a plant might have a kitchen with staff depends on the size.

    Cleaning may be done by maintenance or by operations staff.

    Administration (including clerical) might be relatively small or large depending upon the diversity of operation, variety of products, receiving/shipping operations, and the operations/process staff. Security may be under the administrative organization, and could be light if the plant is remote.

    Operations would inlcude an overall operations manager or supervisor, unit supervisors (includes lab), maintenance supervisor, shipping/receiving, . . . .

    Chemical plants have shifts - 3 x 8 hr when I worked in a refinery - and coverage was 24-7.
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