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Homework Help: Jobs in Botany Project

  1. Nov 4, 2003 #1
    "Jobs in Botany" Project

    I'm currently auditing a class at the public high school on Botany. The current assignment is to find two government-funded, and two non-government-related, jobs in Botany in Michigan. How exactly would I go about finding these?

    I've tried some search engines, but they didn't seem to have anything on which are government-funded, and which are non-government-related.

    Any help on this is appreciated.
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    To clarify, these jobs must require a college degree in Botany, and one of them must be federal, one must be state, and the other three must be non-government. And they must all be available in Michigan.

    I would really appreciate some help, as I can find nothing useful by typical searches or "ask.com".
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    I cannot thank you enough. Now, after seeing that the site is actually called "botany.org"...it just seems so simple [b(] .

    Thanks again.
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    I've got one more question on this subject: What purpose would a botanist serve in the Oil industry?
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