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Jobs in engineering?

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    i'm thinking about switching into the an engineering college, but i'm not sure what kind of jobs you can get with this. right now i'm an undeclared major and i want to switch into electrical engineering, but i'm afraid there will be too much job competition and i won't be able to find work, or i want to go into physics engineering, but i don't know what jobs i can get with this. can anyone tell me if i'm being overly cautious about job opportunity in electrical engineering or what kind of jobs physics majors get?
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    I'm what you might call a "sanitation engineer." A plain old G.E.D. ought to get you going on that career path, should you wish to follow in my footsteps. :rolleyes:

    I always presumed a physics major was headed toward a teaching career, but maybe that is too narrow of a view. You use the term "physics engineering," and I admit I have never heard of that before.
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    yea, i always figured physics majors just taught physics or something. what i meant by physics engineering is a physics major in the college of engineering, rather than a physics major in the college of liberal arts and sciences.
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