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Jobs with Math + Physics?

  1. Nov 1, 2009 #1
    Hello there! I'm almost halfway through grade 12 and I think it's time I finally chose the career path I wanted to pursue.

    I really like math and physics, but I'm horrible at chemistry and not sure about biology (dropped it in grade 11 because I needed to take another course for a social credit).

    My question is what are some examples of careers in the field of math and physics can I go into without taking chemistry/biology? My marks in math and physics have been plenty good.

    I was thinking of math teacher but someone told me that I need to take chemistry for that and it takes a long while to become a teacher in Canada.

    Any advice on the topic itself would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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    Most of them. Or probably none. I assume you live in Canada and i believe things work like they work here and you're most likely just going to have to take a chemistry class or two. At my university, for example, you do have to take a chemistry or biology course simply as a general ed requirement. It's just one class, as long as you pass, who cares. So in that sense, all careers require it.

    On the other hand, unless you actually get into a field that specifically deals with physics and biology together, you won't need it or chemistry to actually work in the field. In either case, who cares, it's one class compared to your entire future. You'll find half your courses you ever take don't relate to your career but you just need to take them anyways.
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    Hmm. Thanks for the response.

    You mentioned that chemistry is only one course so all I need to do is pass it. But in the long run, don't the universities look at your marks over the four years, and not just the last? I'm talking about university marks, not high school.

    And do you need chemistry to teach high school math?
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    Are you talking about taking chemistry/bio in high school or college?

    No, you don't need chemistry to teach high school math but universities have a general education requirement and at least at my university, it's either a physics, chemistry, or bio class (actually, 2 are required I believe).
  6. Nov 1, 2009 #5
    Both, I suppose.

    I'm not sure if I NEED to take chemistry in high school to go into that field, and if I need to take it in my first two years also or not.
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    Many universities in Canada will require Chem 12 to go into a Science degree. Look at the websites - they spell it out quite clearly but it does vary.

    Depending on your degree, you may or may not need to take Chem or Bio. Many Physics degrees (but not all) will require or suggest Chem 1 and 2 (first year). If you go into math (no physics), it is less likely you will be required to do other sciences. Make sure you check the universities, though!
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