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Joe DeRisi: ViroChip, TED Video Jan 2009

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    Molecular Biologist & Biochemist: Joe DeRisi: who, quoting his TED http://www.ted.com/speakers/joe_derisi.html" [Broken]:

    "His approach combines scientific rigor with a nerd's boundary-breaking enthusiasm for new techniques."




    00:40 Single diagnostic assay to screen for all pathogens simultaneously
    01:20 Evolution is a balance, fast change versus ultra conservation
    03:00 Grad school, making DNA on chips, thousands
    03:50 For the cost of a Camry, (off the shelf parts) you can build a DNA array machine in your garage
    04:20 All human respiratory viruses on one chip
    06:35 Rhino viruses that have never seen a genetic sequencer
    07:50 Testing the detection mechanism, day 2, strong signature
    09:30 Made a chip: 22000+ viral sequences in Gen Bank as of June 2004
    10:20 Undiagnosed virus used with the new Chip
    11:20 Patient on ventilation from ravages of unknown viral agent
    11:45 Open lung biopsy performed in trying to isolate the virus
    12:30 Ran sample on the Viral Chip saw parainfluenza-4, no data to support how parainfluenza-4 causes lung failure
    14:00 Viral signature revealed on samples of men with prostate cancer, and a mutation in antiviral defense enzyme, have a signature for a new retro virus 40% of the time
    14:50 Cloned whole virus closely relates to mouse virus, xenotropic virus
    15:15 From tumor samples the virus can be located​

    Summary: Raises more questions than answers, but that's how science works

    This presentation may give students studying to be biologists, biochemists something to think about when making career choices...
    Our medical community needs more entrepeneurs like DeRisi IMHO

    Featured: http://images.google.com/imgres?img...images?q=Joe+DeRisi&gbv=2&ndsp=21&hl=en&sa=N"

    Enjoy: Rhody...:smile:
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