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Joe Frazier Dies

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    I know PF doesn't have a lot of boxing fans :wink:. But Frazier was the first guy to beat Ali - and Ali is one of his biggest admirers! I, for one, appreciate boxing talent - and this guy was one of the best.

    RIP, Smokin' Joe!

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    I'm sorry for your loss. I know hubby will be sad to hear this.
    Truly great at what he did.
    The loss of any master is sad. Rest in peace Joe Frazier. A great athlete.
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    RIP Joe. Thanks for your ring time.
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    He is certainly made his mark on pugilistics. RIP Joe!!

    With respect to Joe, Ali said, "He's the great fighter of all time, next to me.
    Also speaking of Ali, Joe made a good nemesis for him..
    I think Joe caught Ali a little off his game, in their first fight.
    As I recall, Ali beat Frazier in both their rematch and rubber match bouts.
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    I'm not exactly a fan of boxing, but I've always admired Joe Frazier for his goodness and decency.

    Rest in peace and rock on, Smokin' Joe!
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    The first Ali-Frazier fight was a classic, with a lot of political and racial overtones. I recall driving 50 miles to Roanoke, Va as a college student to watch it as a pay-per-view event. I had great respect for both men. Rest in peace, Joe.
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