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Joe Satriani Concert on-line (2hrs)

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    FYI - Satriani concert in Anaheim, Ca.


    http://www.kikkerfest.com/2005-05-01/concert-300.html [Broken] (Anaheim) - require Quick Time.
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    And I can't watch...
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    Satriani is a phenomenal guitarist. :biggrin:
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    My computer is all screwed up. It reboots when there's any video or animation.

    I have the Joe Satriani live in San Francisco DVD. It's really neat.

    I saw G3 with Satriani, Vai and Petrucci... I believe it was 2001. I did not enjoy Vai's performance... too much distortion or something... I couldn't hear the notes properly. Petrucci was great. Satch was the best.

    But the best concert ever has to be Prince's 'Sign O' The Times'.
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    Thanks for the tip!
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    You didn't like Vai's performance? You didn't like it at all or it was just your least favourite?
    Unfortunately here in Perth we don't get G3 :(
    But Satriani came in March and April last year Vai came.
    I preferred the Vai concert. Not only was it a really great set list, but the showmanship was just awesome.
    Although I probably did enjoy the Satriani set list a little more.
    Vai's current band is phenomenal (Billy Sheehan, Tony MacAlpine, Dave Weiner)
    By the way I really have to recommend Tony MacAlpine and Dave Weiner to you guys if you haven't heard them. I know most of you most likely have, but just in case you haven't.

    Dave Weiner - http://www.daveweiner.com/media.html [Broken]
    There is a link for Tony MacAlpine but he doesn't have a proper site up yet. But you can get his songs from any p2p file sharing program.

    Does Petrucci have a different band playing for him in G3 or does he have his Dream Theater bandmates playing for him??
    Always wanted to get the G3 with Petrucci but I can't find it in stores so I've never seen it :(
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    Live Band
    Joe Satriani - Guitars
    Jeff Campitelli - Drums
    Matt Bissonette - Bass (5 string bass, standup electric base!)
    Galen Henson - Additional Guitar (rhythm guitar)

    Satriani starts off on his red 6-string guitar with Bissonette on his 5 string bass.

    That's certainly one of the best concerts I've seen in 30+ years. Reminds me of Cream and Clapton.

    Hopefully the Anaheim concert will be on DVD.

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    If anyone has problems getting the concert on-line, it requires QuickTime (vers. 6 or 7), which one can get from links through the first link I posted -
    http://www.kikkerfest.com/2005-05-01/# at the bottom of the page.

    Here is the concert playlist (with one tune missing) by number, tune / album / instruments. Satriani plays a red 7-string Ibanez for tunes 11 and 12, otherwise he plays 6-strings. Matt Bissonette plays a beautiful 5-string base (got to get me one of those) and really cool stand-up base. Galen Henson is great on rythm, and Jeff Campitelli is great on the drums.

    1. Up in the Sky / Crystal Planet / red 6-string, 5-string base (Fantastic start to an outstanding concert - one the best I've ever seen)

    2. Lords of Karma / Surfing with the Alien / black 6-string, 5-string base

    [trip out - improvisation]

    3. Up in Flames / Is There Love in Space / red-green swirl 6-string, 5-string base

    4. Hordes of Locusts / Not of this Earth / white 6-string, 5-string base

    5. Summer Song / The Extremist / white, 5-string base (Thanks to Soilwork :cool: )

    6. Sleepwalking / Strange Beautiful Music / white, standup base

    7. Starry Night / Strange Beautiful Music / white, standup base

    8. Morrocan Sunset / Joe Satriani / white, standup base

    9. Bamboo / Is There Love In Space / white, standup base

    10. Strange / Flying in a Blue Dream / white, 5-string base

    11. Searching / Is There Love in Space / red 7-string (Ibanez), 5-string base

    12. Hands in the Air / Is There Love In Space /red 7-string (Ibanez), 5-string base

    13. Psycho Monkey / Crystal Planet /red 6-string (Ibanez), 5-string base

    14. Is There Love in Space / Is There Love in Space / red 6-string (Ibanez), 5-string base

    [improvisational transition]

    15. War / The Extremist / red 6-string (Ibanez), 5-string base

    [improvisational transition]

    16. Flying in a Blue Dream / Flying in a Blue Dream / red 6-string (Ibanez), 5-string base

    17. Surfing with the Alien / Surfing with the Alien / black 6-string, 5-string base

    "Up in the Sky", "Hordes of Locusts", "Bamboo", "Searching" and "Is There Love in Space" are excellent, especially "Searching".

    Soilwork gave me the info on tune 5, Summer Song :smile:
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    I hate that apple made the quicktime 6 pro key for registration won't work with quicktime 7 to get pro.
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    Astronuc do you play bass?
    And you wouldn't happen to know if there are more of those vids online except of Steve Vai's band "The Breed"?
    I would love to get a copy of them playing because that was the best concert I've ever been to.
    They are extremely good to watch since Billy Sheehan is probably the best bassist in the world and the back up guitarists are actual virtuosos themselves.
    Oh and number 5 is Summer song off the extremist album.
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    I had a bass guitar (Gibson copy, which needed new pickups and electronics) back when I was in college - in my 20's. I played along with music, but I never played with a band. I just didn't have enough time to devote to it.

    I was inspired by John Paul Jones, Bill Wyman, Greg Lake, Jon Camp, Stanley Clark, Eberhard Weber, to name a few, and others.

    I was really impressed with Matt Bissonette and his 5-string. I also liked the way Bissonette worked with Satriani, especially the moments when they synched the base and 6-string/7-string - during "Searching".

    I don't know of other vid's, but I really only started looking.

    Thanks for the info on the Summer Song and Billy Sheehan. :cool:
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    Did you end up selling the Gibson copy?? or do you still have it.
    Haha out of that list I've only heard of Jon Camp...shows how much I know :)
    Yea I gotta agree about Searching. That song was performed really well not to mention it's one of my favourites along with Friends and Always with you...
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    When I left grad school for a job, I relocated and moved the family. My wife wanted me to sell my base and amplifier, so I did. :frown:

    But, I figured I would get around to buying a new bass, once I settled down. Well, I have been pretty busy since then, plus there are many other priorities - family things.

    Anyway, after watching Bissonette playing the bass, I got the bug again. :biggrin:

    Only problem is finding a place where I can 'crank it up'. :biggrin:

    Bill Wyman - Rolling Stones
    John Paul Jones - Led Zeppelin
    Greg Lake - Emerson, Lake & Palmer
    Jon Camp - Renaissance

    and there is also Chris Squire - Yes.

    Stanley Clarke and Eberhard Weber are jazz bass players. Clarke also does acoustic bass. Clarke played with Chick Corea's "jazz-rock fusion" band, "Return to Forever", and many other groups and projects. Weber, who is considered one of Europe's finest bass players, has some really nice mellow jazz albums. The friend from whom I bought my bass introduced me to Weber's music.
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    haha cheers for clarifying who those people were.
    It's always good when you're introduced to new bands/musicians that you find are inspirational or influential.
    Yeah I find that even if you don't play something much it's always good to have it around.
    ALthough obviously there is the issue about money, but if you have the money then it's all good.
    I have a guitar (cherry sunburst Epiphone Les Paul standard) and piano and although I don't play them much anymore because I end up stressing way too much about uni it's sometimes just what I need to relax :)
  16. May 7, 2005 #15
    My son is coming tonight to figure out my Quicktime problem. I'm sure its my firewall.
    Astro, you need to secure a copy of Summer song to listen to as you plant your garden! Actually most plants like Satch music!

    Soilwork, the Cherry is a beautiful insturment! I hope you find time to play it more often.
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    Actually giving up the base wasn't all that bad. A young man bought it for a very low price (IIRC ~ $25.00, since we were moving and it had to go). I don't think he could afford a more expensive base, and hopefully he put it to good use. :smile: :wink:

    Jon Camp really impressed me on Ashes Are Burning, particularly the live version on the Live from Carnegie Hall, where he plays the bass like most people play a guitar. The bass solo is outstanding.

    I saw Renaissance twice (one time with Leo Kottke, who played solo on his 12-string and slide guitar), and during the first concert they played Ashes Are Burning as an encore. While it was great, unfortunately it wasn't as great as the Carnegie Hall version.

    Yeah, I agree. It used to relax me to play bass. Unfortunately, the amplifier was an old tube one, and one of the tubes was burning out. I could not find a replacement, and I didn't have the money for a better one. Besides, I needed to upgrade the pickups which were really low quality.

    The neighbors might have a problem with that. :biggrin: Let me know what you think of the concert.

    I joined Satriani's website/forum, and I plan to recommend the concert at the Grove (Anaheim) be put on DVD, and also plead (beg, grovel) for a concert in NY. :biggrin:

    I just wish he had done Raspberry Jam Detla-V.
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