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John Allegro and Amanita Muscaria

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    The mushroom is Amanita Muscaria, and surprisingly it is not on a DEA control list, which makes it legal. John Allegro wrote several books and he claims that early Christianity came from practices of using that mushroom, and that all statements made about Jesus are actually about that mushroom. Simply put early people worshipped the mushroom - as it was given life by the Sun - and it was red, so they naturally assumed it is the living god on Earth. Particularly interesting is that this wasnt the first case of such practices, and could be traced back to Indian religions and Judaism.

    One of his books: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/i...05146-3591031?_encoding=UTF8&n=283155&s=books

    The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross - sacredallegro.jpg
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    The bit about an "ancient sex and mushroom cult" made me giggle.

    Seriously though, how could you question anyone who studied at the University of Manchester? It must be true! :smile:
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    Be careful if you want to munch some, 2 varieties of the species are deadly. The rest of them will make you want to puke.
    They grow in many places around the world, and the sex aspect of them is well known.
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    i only wish that guy could shed more light on hebrew religion instead inventing some fantastic tales about christianity.i know it is fashionable nowadays to spew dirt on christians and catholics but lets be fair, i rather be catholic and believe in new testament than believe in horrific and super fantastic tales of old testament.
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    Why hang a guy who eats mushrooms on a cross? Or was it a mushroom on the cross?
    And who or what is God according to this theory?
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    the cross is the mushroom

    if you go to any church and you'll see the sign "The Christ Has Risen" you'll see the sun rays somewhere there, and the cross - its a mushroom. The 'myth' has risen. :)
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    What it boils down to is that the early christians were a bunch of mushrrom eating hippies and that Joshua ben Joseph was either there leader and/or the mushroom itself.

    I kinda liked the book.

    I myself prefer small doses of the psylicybin type.

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    Yes lets not discuss that in here..

    Instead I suggest to anyone interested in more info to look at this (3 hours long, but very informative and mind opening about number of things):

    http://www.pharmacratic-inquisition.com/nontesters/pharmacratic/ [Broken]
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    Philip K. Dick's The Transmigration Of Timothy Archer talks about this with some interesting ideas. It's fiction, and labeled as such. ;-p
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