John Wheeler, fli flop?

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In summary, Wheeler's views on consciousness causing quantum collapse have been misinterpreted in an article from 2002, as his stance from 1983 remains consistent. He emphasizes that consciousness has no role in the quantum process and that any perception of its influence is a separate aspect of the story. Additionally, the article may have sensationalized Wheeler's views for entertainment purposes. Wheeler's colleague, Andrei Linde, is not a "crackpot" as suggested in the article.
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I found this article in 2002 that says Wheeler beleives that counsciousness causes collapse but there is a famous quote in 1983 where he argues counsciusness does not cause collapse. My question is did he change his mind or did the article misinterpret him complelty to sell a "entertaining" sudo fantasy interpretation of QM physics? And is stanford university physicist Andrei Linde a crackpot?

John A. Wheeler:
Caution: "Consciousness" has nothing whatsover to do with the quantum process. We are dealing with an event that makes itself known by an irreversible act of amplification, by an indelible record, an act of registration. Does that record subsequently enter into the "consciousness" of some person, some animal or some computer? Is that the first step into translating the measurement into "meaning" meaning regarded as "the joint product of all the evidence that is available to those who communicate." Then that is a separate part of the story, important but not to be confused with "quantum phenomena." (Wheeler, 1983).
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That's a bit strange - the top part of the article says "Eminent physicist John Wheeler says he has only enough time left to work on one idea: that human consciousness shapes not only the present but the past as well"
but during the article it seems he actually has his original stance still.