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  1. Jan 16, 2005 #1
    Join Us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hello! Are you tired of your country? Want to randomly take over a country? Want to Pilage? Then JOIN US! We, The New Republic, are looking for people to look at and possibly join our cause to take the world over and become one powerfull entity!

    There's no charge, and you can join our Republic TODAY!
    Visit http://www.freewebs.com/hatham [Broken]
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    Once the raping, pillaging and killing is over, being a powerful entity looks to be quite boring. :zzz:

    What say we turn on each other afterwards? :wink:
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    Raping, Pilaging and Plundering.

    Hatham, your creed is so wrong it's not even funny any more. It is upsetting. Please U-turn.
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    Sounds reasonable. Does membership include a dental plan?
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    Yes ,it does include a dental plan
    oh and polly,thats what vikings do. It's their life.
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    [ralph wiggum]When it comes to sleeping, I'm a Viking ![/ralph wiggum] :rofl:
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