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    Very glad to be here among the physics minded inquisitive people. I studied physics many years ago, then settled in software programming, but recently I started recapitulating physics again with an aim to dig around those topics which I never understood properly and postponed for future mostly for exam or some other more urgent reasons. Now as I see physics as an outsider, many questions arise in mind which never came in mind when I was close to the physics fraternity. So joining this forum to refreshing my curious mind.
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    Welcome justin, you should find this site most rewarding:) many top of their field members post and answer here. Read the guidelines and start getting up to date with the very best.:)
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    Welcome Justin!
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    It is a pleasure to join this group and enjoy Physics through your knowledge. Located in Spain.
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    Yes...quite intresting discussions and posts here in this forum...:smile::smile:
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