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Joining seamless pipes

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    what is the recommended method to join two lengths of seamless pipes such that the joint should sustain a particular operating pressure?
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    Pipe ends can be welded to one another or you can add flanges to either end and bolt the flanges together.

    In any event, the pipe material and pipe size will have a certain internal pressure rating, and it is not recommended that this pressure rating be exceeded, regardless of the method of connection.
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    thank you for your reply..

    this is to be used in water for jetwashing at normal temperature and a operation duration of 14 hours subjected to a working pressure of 280 bar
    Seamless pipe material: ASTM A 106 Grade B
    Pipe schedule: 160
    3/4” (the nominal pipe size)

    Important consideration:1) this pipe travels horizontally between circular supports/guides.so the weld beads should be flush with the outer surface of the pipe so as to avoid interference/jamming with the circular guides.

    2)alignment..the tolerances and alignment issues are of paramount importance because any mis-alignment would inhibit smooth travel through the circular supports

    circumferential butt welding of seamless pipes must be somewhat different from butt welding of welded pipes .what weld procedure should be adopted? What are the considerations for butt weld specific for seamless pipes like proper selection of filler metal

    what would be the testing plan for the welded joint to ensure integrity at such operating pressures?what should be the possible configuration of test samples
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    That sounds like a pretty high pressure. Are there any OSHA regulations or other safety considerations that need to be taken into account? What are the potential liability issues if the weld fails?
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    Crickets. Thread locked as a dangerous discussion.
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