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News Joint Chiefs finally speak out on something

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    Earlier in the week the Washington Post published a cartoon by Tom Toles.
    All six of the joint Chiefs signed a letter that was sent to the post admonishing them for publishing the cartoon.

    Where were the Joint Chiefs when the armored Humvees or the lack thereof, and the inadequate body armor was in the forefront?

    The link below is a link to a news story about the cartoon. The cartoon is shown within the story. If that is not a good thing with the posting of cartoons rule please feel free to delete this thread.


    Fox news has been showing and ranting about the cartoon for the last two days, so I do feel strongly that it is political, newsworthy, and not copywrite protected.
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    The issue is whether the letter admonishing the Washington Post for publishing the cartoon was appropriate. Where the Joint Chiefs were when armor was discussed is irrelevant, since the Joint Chiefs should not be offering editorial comments, regardless of their personal feelings. They should only be offering the official military viewpoint (which is why active duty generals reporting that manpower and planning for the Iraq invasion was well thought out isn't an independent defense of Bush/Rumsfeld planning).

    Mind you, each is perfectly free to express their own opinion, but there should definitely be no attempt to link their own opinion to that of the military nor should they use their own military rank in an attempt to inflate the credibility of their personal opinions (the latter isn't always realistic, especially if everyone already knows their background, but at least try to comply).
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