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Joint design for assembly

  1. Oct 8, 2012 #1
    I have to calculate the number of M6 Button head screws required to hold a door panel of 40 kg when 700N (calculate at the center line of the mounting holes) of force is applied laterally. I want to consider only lateral case when the force is applied perpendicular to the door panel. Any idea for this case I will really appreciate.

    Basically, If someone explain me that how to design the bolt joint for a static assembly of 2 parts that will give a direction.

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    There are many different ways to model a bolted joint, some very complicated. You might check out Bickford if you have an interest in those details.

    But to keep it both simple and safe, first find the shear strength of the bolts if you have a shear joint, or the tensile strenth if it is a tension joint. Divide the total load by the number of fasteners to find the strength of the joint. I normally get my material properties for my fasteners from the supplier, or from standard generic tables in Bickford or Shigley. (Bickford wrote the bolt chapter for Shigley, so they are the same.)
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