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Joint Type

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    Does anyone know what the name of this joint is? And if possible where i could buy a plastic version in Australia or online?


    Thanks in advance!
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    Welcome to PF, Rohan.
    I've never seen one like it, but it appears to just be an extremely simplified version of a ball-and-socket. Furthermore, frequent motion seems to be ruled out by the clamping screw, so tolerances aren't critical.
    You could make one yourself just by gluing a ball to the end of a rod, then using a countersink drill bit to form the 2 halves of the socket in the bar stock. (I'm thinking that the background of your photo is a sheet of ruled writing paper, which is what I'm going by as a scale reference.)
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    I've seen this many times over the years, but never seen a "name" for it. Danger is correct in his description.

    One finds these things on dial indicator positioning arms. One finds those in machinist's tooling supply houses / catalogs.

    Plastic versions? Can't recall if I've ever seen plastic versions. Maybe some type of lab supply or scientific supply source may have something in plastic.
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    Cheers guys for the ideas, im going to ask a few of the techies around uni and hopefully they know where I could find a plastic version from. Pretty simple joint but I got no idea where you find them. Might have to get the tools out and have a crack
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