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Jon Hanson: Regulation Reactance

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    Not sure how to properly use the youtube tags.

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    An important point of these videos is wanting to give the consumer the feeling of being in control of their choices. The advertisers try and create a sense that someone is trying to take away your choice to consume this product and by making this consumption choice you thwart their efforts. Here is an example the same author gave but did not mention in this video:

    http://www.pennumbra.com/issues/pdfs/152-1/HansonYosifon.pdf [Broken]

    By creating the sense of free choice the network exerts power on them through propaganda and captures the situation leading to their decisions on which channels to watch when the viewer thinks that they are acting based on their own dispositional desire to find unbiased sources of information.

    Here is another quote from the same paper with regards to tabaco advertising:

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