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Joseph Fourier

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    I dont know exactly where to post this so I decided to post it here.

    I am writing an Informative Speech about Eccentric geniuses of the past, and I was wondering how Joseph Fourier died. So far from what ive read is, that his reason he died was that he believed that by wrapping blankets around him would improve his health. So as a result he tripped and fell down the stairs and killed himself.

    So far the eccentric geniuses I am using in my speech are:

    Nikola Tesla, John Nash, and Galois. I will use Joseph Fourier If I can find out his eccentric ways. Although John Nash wasn't partly eccentric, his case of Schiznophrenia is something I would like to talk of in the speech. Could you offer me any more names of the Most Brilliant Eccentric Mathematicians?
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    Johann Lambert: He always spoke to other persons offering them only one side of his face, cause he was traumatized by his very big forehead
    Kurt Godel: He died of hunger, refusing to eat because he thought that people wanted to poison him
    Here's a portrait of Lambert
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    Interesting! Thank you for contributing the names.

    I also found a brilliant Mathematician named Paul Erdos who somewhat lived his life different from any other Mathematician. He had no home really, though he pretty much traveled from University to University. He had Mathematicians all over that would allow him to stay in there house for a while. They would provide him Food, Clothing, and a room with a bed. As he stayed he would talk Mathematics. He would also make money by lecturing at Mathematics Conferences and such. He would often donate the money he made to help students. One particular Mathematician named Graham, had a room specially for Erdos where he could live if he wanted to and whenever he wanted to. Other then he was a traveler. A traveling Mathematician to be more precise. He made lots of Contributions to Mathematics. Particularly in Number Theory. He was more of a problem solver, solving difficult problems in Number Theory. He would develop his own Problems as well.

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