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Josephson Junctions

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    Hello people,

    I need to understand Josephson Junctions more seriously and I am looking for a direct, bottom-line description, could some of the experienced people point me to good references?

    Google books, wiki, or amazon does not seem to quench my thirst.

    Thanks a bunch in advance,,
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    I would suggest to begin with Feynman's lectures on quantum mechanics, last chapter.
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    The lectures is a good start (I actually used a generalized version of Feynman's derivation in my thesis) but it might also be a good idea to look in one of the "usual" references, such as Tinkham's book. Partly because they will describe the physics in more detail, but also because Feynman wrote his lectures when the field was just starting to take off meaning it covers only the most basics (and the experimental data shown isn't exactly state-of-the-art to put it mildly).
    Another good reference would be Kadin's "Introduction to Superconducting Circuits" which is reasonably up to to date.

    It is perhaps worth pointing out that there is really no need to understand the microscopic theory(which is still an active area of research in many types of junctions) if you are interested in the device physics; the Josephson equations (in combination with some basic circuit theory) is all you need in order to understand how not only the junctions themselves work but also devices based on junctions: SQUIDS, RFSQ, Superconducting qubits etc
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    That is not a very good reference for the basics of Josephson junctions; it does describe some of the physics (phase qubits are essentially just single Josephson junctions) but since it deals with qubits the regimes that are used are a bit "exotic" (small tunnel junctions etc); it is a good reference (especially since it refers to a couple of papers I've co-authored:tongue2:) but not for "basic" Josephsonics.
    In order to undstand the basics of the device physics you are better off with a reference that starts by describing the RCSJ model etc.
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    Thank you very much for the suggestions.

    We are starting off a new project based on josephson + spintronics... There has been a couple of ideas,

    I'll bug you guys more in the future..
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