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Joule heating ansys workbench

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    I have the following problem: I would like, from a tungsten filament which an electric current is imposed, find the temperature emitted from the filament (Joule heating) on ansys workbench.

    I have to study a thermoelectrical , but I can not find any tutorial.

    Does anyone have examples or tutorial to deal with this problem on workbech?

    Thank you in advance
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    I should have looked up what an ansy workbench was before giving an answer.
    An ansy workbench is a simulation program.
    Rewrote this to give a sensible answer.

    The question is not clear. Do you want to calculate the temperature of a tungsten filament or do you want to measure the watts from a tungsten filament or the temperature of some object near the tungsten filament?
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