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Joule thompson effect

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    Hello ALL,

    I am looking for the derivation of joule thompson effect to show that Uj = (nBTave^-n / Roh(ave) Cp) *Zave

    where n = 3.825, B = 5287.Pave.10^1.785G
    Pave in KPa(g) and Tave in K

    using CNGA approximation.

    Can anybody help me in this?


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    maybe this will help
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    Maybe this will help

    I assume that CNGA means California Natural Gas Association.

    Make sure that you are more clear when you state you question since not everybody is a expert necessarily in your field.

    Pave is better as P(avg).

    I assume Z is the compressibility and G is the gas Gravity based on (Air = 1.00)

    Let me know if you need more

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