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Joule-Thomson effect

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    Does anybody have any decent references for this, or a table with inversion temperatures for specific molecules?
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    International Critical Tables, JANAF Tables; you might browse Hirschfelder, Curtis, and Byrd, Lewis & Randall, Klotz, or Rowlinson; software packages in the public domain --- TRAPP, SuperTRAPP (NIST), and commercial, ASPEN (probably under a different name --- it gets bought and sold on about 6mo. cycle --- is big bucks expensive).

    Inversion temps? I ain't sure anyone's found such for anything heavier than hydrogen and helium (gotta suspect such has been pinned down for neon, and maybe argon). HC&B should give you hints on the calculations for predicting such.

    Other sources to try are refrigeration/HVAC and cryogenic handbooks in the engineering sections of your nearest "full service" library.
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