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Medical Journal Club: Papers-Resources

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    I would think the one paper, carefully presented, would make an excellent journal club topic. This would be grand, our club has been rather inactive lately.
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    k, so these would be considered papers we could use in the Journal Club? cool

    I'd be willing to introduce one of the following papers for the first week of sept.

    [1] Under Spatial Cognition Section, Paper 1
    Byrne, P. and Becker, S. (2004), Modelling mental navigation in scenes with
    multiple objects. Neural Computation 16(9):1851-1872. PDF document

    [2] Under Hippocampal Coding & Neurogensis, Paper 1
    a.. Becker, S. (2005) "A computational principle for hippocampal learning
    and neurogenesis". Hippocampus 15(6):722-738. (link to pdf)

    [3] Under Language Section, Paper1
    a.. Howell, S. R., Jankowicz, D., and Becker, S. (2005), A Model of Grounded
    Language Acquisition: Sensorimotor Features Improve Grammar Learning.
    Journal of Memory and Language 53(2):258-276, PDF document

    [4] Under Auditory Section Paper 3
    Bondy, J., Becker, S., Bruce, I., Trainor, L. and Haykin. S. (2004). A
    novel signal-processing strategy for hearing-aid design: NeuroCompensation.
    Signal Processing 84(7):1239-1253. PDF document

    [5] Under Neural Network Models, Paper 3
    a.. Becker, S. (2005), Modelling the mind: From circuits to systems. Chapter
    2 in New Directions in Statistical Signal Processing: From sytems to brain.
    Simon Haykin, Jose C. Principe, Terrence J. Sejnowski and John McWhirter
    (editors), MIT Press. PDF document, PDF References

    Should I run a poll? or select on myself.
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    It'll be great to get the journal club up and running again! Please, go ahead and pick one yourself. The only one in that list that I'd advise against choosing would be the last, only because it appears to be a book chapter rather than a research article. I think an original research article would be easier to discuss here than a chapter that would be a review of literature.

    Thanks for volunteering to start it up again! :smile:
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