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Journalist w/o a science background looking for science masters

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    Hi everyone,

    My details:
    Age: 26
    Education: Bachelor's in Mass Media; Post-graduate Diploma in Journalism
    Work ex: 5 years for an international news agency covering pharmaceuticals and healthcare.

    I loved science in high school and was great at it, but couldn't continue due to some unavoidable personal circumstances. I've been strongly feeling the need to study science over the past year. I applied for a science fellowship last year, but turns out I'm too young for it. So I am now looking to apply for a science masters program next year - something in earth sciences, geology or biology.

    Please feel free to message me if you have suggestions. Looking forward to connecting with the community here!

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    Hi photonsabsent. :welcome:

    Few people read this New User Intro subforum, apart from new members testing their software.

    For course advice, go to our home page and check out our Academic Guidance and Career Guidance subforums. That is the place to ask about careers and courses.

    Good luck with your seachange. :sun:
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