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Judas Factor _ God kills

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    Ok i know a few of you out there won't like this but just listen or don't and then bash me if you want. I just want to know peoples perspectives on this one event in the bible. God supposedly is no respector of person aka he likes us all the same. God is also omnipotent aka he knows everything. he's got him a lil white book that says mine name your name my name everyones. By our name our life's events are mapped out even our destination of heaven or hell. Now to many this seems like saying free will is out of the picture but the point i am making is this. God sees all and knows all according to the bible so when h e made the world (assuming there is a god) he already knew everything and if he needed his son to die for us then he needed a person to betray him. he also knew that judas would fit the mould just fine, but he also knew (because he knows all) that he would kill himself directly afterward. Is that not dooming him to damnation that is like putting a baby in front of a fire knowing they will burn themselves. God is odd.
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    Yeah, that bible. Crazy stuff.
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    I'll play this game.

    God is Omnipotent. So he has the power to act like a cop. A judge. A guard. Etc etc etc...

    So 'God do no fear the law. He loves it, since he loves himself. Be true to thyself, no ?

    No Judas, and adam and eve, and cain, and the nephlim women. Hated the law/God so much. When you hate the law you fear. Why ? Because the law is as simple as the order of operations, addition, etc, etc...

    Know thyself, and thy enemy. It was said. So knowing the law is right and you be wrong causes some fear, Especially in a hateful person.

    Now the bible says fear is not of the Lord(God).

    For old Judas to have murdered Jesus. He had to fear the law, because he Hated the law, and loved himself. (Much like Masterbation. In that the reason for male/female sex is reproduction. Not hating this law. But I'll leave that there.)

    Also. All people who fear, do so because they Hate the law, and the defenders of the law.

    Perfect love casts out fear. So love is loving the law. All Christians are told to love your enemy + friend. ALL law is to be loved by us.

    So. Your idea of God loving fear, or self hatered/hating the law, and masterbating, and loving himself as well is ludacris.
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    here again, we have an example of new members refusing to read the obvious.
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