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Judgment Day-when will it occur?

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    I have heard it said the year 2012? Or sooner. Are we approaching the Judgment day (the final day of the tribulation) The tribulation period is 7 years, so perhaps it will start in 2006, only two years from now. Does anyone have an opinion or a factual basis for the coming Day of Judgment, when it might occur?
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    It'll happen when I feel like making it happen.

    Seriously though, if you are a religious person and believe in armageddon, you should also accept what it says in the Bible about predicting when it will occur: you can't.

    The only thing I heard about 2012 is a Planet-X conspiracy theory. The woowoos had a ready-made backup date set for Px's failure to annihilate us as predicted last May.
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    2012 is the last day of the Mayan(?) (Aztec?) calendar...forever, it "ends" there...December 12th, if I recall it right
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    But im too young to die!

    Oh wait i wont be in 9 years time, so bring it on *****!
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    Judgment day will be either when some maniac terrorist group starts a nucleur war with the USA or when the sun explodes and burns up the earth into ashes. I hope its when the sun explodes because from what i read that would be in a few billion years. 2012 seems to close...
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    Ivan Seeking

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    We know not the day or hour, but we know the season by the signs.

    Tis the season to be weary,
    fallout la la la, fallout la la...

    Really though, the Mayan calendar only suggests the end of a cycle; not the end of all things. In Christian beliefs, the tribulation period is followed by 1000 years of dominion on earth by Christ; so here the good Christians are happy. In a post nuclear/chemical/biological war, the mutants will rule; so even this is good for the mutants!

    For you, the end of the world and judgment day is going to be exactly the same day as when you die. This could be any day, so why worry about the end of earth as we know it. I would worry about the now.
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    according to Nostradamus we were all supposed to die as early as august of 1997. Then it was supposedly the year 2000. Now it's "2012". Gimme a break Like someone said. the last day you live, is the end of the world-to you. Spend more time enjoying the time you have, and less worrying about the time you don't have. If it is your time, it is your time to go.

    So far I've watched about half a dozen various "doomsday predictions" come and go-supposedly valid ones too- the bible, nostradamus, etc. And none of them has come to pass. When all these kooky predictors can actually agree on a date for the end of the world- THEN I'll worry. otherwise, screw em, I've got better things to do
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    How could anyone possibly have a factual basis for suggesting a date for such an event? It's a matter of mythology, not facts.
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    Re: Re: Judgment Day-when will it occur?

    See John Titor post in M and P forum. Otherwise, nope.
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    Re: Re: Judgment Day-when will it occur?

    On a completely FACTUAL BASIS, Gauranteed that by the year 5,000,000,002,000 (On {or before} January the 15...the "Ides" of January) it will ALL BE GONE!!!

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    *Starts packing bottled water and beans...*
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    Ya but your in Australia, your closer to the Sun, Right NOW, you'll never make it is you don't fly...[zz)]
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