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Juggler - amazing

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    I can juggle 3 balls, and can do a few variations with 3, but this guy is just plain nuts. Check out the choreography!

    http://www.wimp.com/juggler/ [Broken]
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    hes good and all, but............eh. Its just juggling. After 1 min of it im asleep.
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    i think its neat how it looks kinda like fireworks. i wish i could juggle that well. i can barely do three balls any more.
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    That's not what I heard.

    - Warren
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    Whoa! He's better than that other guy that was posted a few days ago.
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    Yeah, I used to be able to pass to a buddy, catch a ball in the crook of the neck, segue to a 2-ball cascade with one hand and a few other little things, but this guy is amazing. I never got the hang of 4-ball juggling, but c'mon!, 5 balls? behind the back? His act involves really rapid transitions from one move to another, and that is the part that wows me. That and the fact that he smoothly adjusts the heights of the throws to keep the choreography timed. My buddies and I used to practice to cadences for timed passes, etc. and if you don't have your throw heights right, you have to compensate with earlier or later catches, which can get you in trouble really quick.
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    I am fine as long as women can juggle 2 o:)
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    Ya, that guy is amazing. his routine, however is a knockoff of the one Chris Bliss does.
    I can juggle 3 balls, and I am learning 5 right now. Let me tell you, 5 is sooooo much harder than 3. I picked up juggling 3 in about a day, but I've been going for a week straight with 5 and am still not anywhere close!!! If you are planning on trying to learn 5, I suggest you have a very strong 3 ball foundation and should be able to do a fair amount of tricks such as: reverse cascade, shower, under the leg, and Mills mess.
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    Well, he's using the same music as Bliss, but his routine is far more advanced. Bliss' routine is on Ringo Starr's web-site in the form of a fairly-good quality streaming video, for anybody who wants to make a comparison.
  11. Mar 26, 2006 #10
    anybody read Lord Valentine's Castle? it has jugglers
    I can juggle three balls or I can talk. not both at the same time. I'd have to quit breathing to attempt five.
    speaking of neat juggling type videos have you seen those cup stackers championships?
  12. Mar 27, 2006 #11

    jimmy p

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    Did you see the dude after who juggled 5 balls in each hand??? THAT was impressive.
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