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Julia set chaotic?

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    This text patch is taken from wikipedia article http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Julia_set

    "For f(z) = z2 the Julia set is the unit circle and on this the iteration is given by doubling of angles (an operation that is chaotic on the non-rational points). There are two Fatou domains: the interior and the exterior of the circle, with iteration towards 0 and ∞, respectively"

    1. I have drawn the julia set and plotted the points to see how they behave on the julia set. But for angles 45 90 they all converge to 0, so f'(z) =0. Isn't this a foutau domain?

    2. For points such as pi/3 point oscillate b/w two points 120 and 240 deg.

    2. It is written that the behaviour is chaotic for irrational points. can anyone give example of such irrational points on unit circle so that i can look how an chaiotic behaviour is?

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    Can you describe exactly what you think that the Fatou domain is? Remember that the Fatou domain must be open and invariant under f!

    Take (cos(1),sin(1)) for example. Or in complex notation: [itex]e^{i}[/itex]. This is a point whose behaviour ought to be chaotic...
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    Ya thanks a lot . Now I'm not getting any regular behaviour. I have attached the pic

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