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Julian Barbour's "End of Time"

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[SOLVED] Julian Barbour's "End of Time"

Hi all,

I'm new to these forums, have been trolling them for the past week and thought I'd post.

Was in the bookstore yesterday looking in the physics section and found a book called "The End of Time" by Julian Barbour and started reading into it. I'm a bit of an amateur and was just wondering if anyone else has read this and whether its worth the time at all, as his theories seem a bit far fetched and without much backing from the scientific community.

Well if any of you have read it and can offer up a review or an opinion I would be very much indebted to you.

Thanks again,


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I haven't read the book, but barbour is well known for his work on clarifying spacetime concepts.


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Welcome to Physics Forums, Mahlonslee!

Moving this topic to our new Astronomy book forum...

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