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Jump-point Mirrored Universe Theory

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    I believe it is possible to have an endless universe and for it yet to have an edge. Think of the universe as a massive sphere, but its walls aren't true walls, but jump points. One point on the spherical wall can be connected directly to its twin jumpoint that is exactly opposite it on the other side of the universe, and so on for every other point on the wall. So if a spaceship (or comet, or light) would indeed reach the edge, they would never know because they would see more space in front of them which is really just the entrance to the other end of the universe. With that in mind, then light from stars, as we predict it to be billions of light years old, may very well be pretty young and very nearby, it may just be an illusion caused by going in and out of the jump points, traveling in a straight line, and yet going over the same space over and over, and eventually the light met with us. It could have "aged" because of some phenomenom of crossing from one edge of the time-space plane to the other. With a mirrored jump-point universe of this kind, we can have infinite linear mobility, just with repetition of areas traveled (a pseudo-multi-verse) and we can also have an expanding universe. This idea of a pseudo-multiverse may be able to explain why certain quantum theories, such as M theory, call for more than one universe (it may be just one universe that mirrors itself onto itself!) The universe may be expanding due to the theory that the jump-points are constantly trying to fall into each other (fall into the other side) and are thereby stretching the very fabric of the universe.

    See, we can have both theories without contradiction! I have not ran over this theory of mine yet anywhere else, I would like to call it the jump-point mirrored universe theory. According to this theory, the universe could be smaller and younger than we could ever imagine. It is just that our perception is a little off...its the mirrors, LOL.

    I would like critique on such a theory since it is of my own creation, show me my error or truth.
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