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Jumped into a droplet of water

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    If i were able to shrink myself to the size of say a flea and I jumped into a droplet of water ( that is av rain drop size ) would the water feel the same as if it were my normal size or would it feel more like jelly ?
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    Anyone can answer this ??
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    I've never been that small, couldn't tell ya :biggrin:
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    Are thinking of typical values of the Reynolds numbers involved?
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    Just what flavor of jelly are we talkin about here?
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    The physical property that distinguishes water from jelly is its viscosity. There are other differences too, but the viscosity largely covers the differences in intermolecular interactions.

    Turning yourself into a flea has no effect on the viscosity of water...so it will not feel like jelly. However, its surface may. Now that your weight is much smaller, and your density is still just above 1 gm/cc, the surface tension will be within an order of magnitude of your weight (per unit length). So you'll most likely be able to walk on water. But if you get shoved under, it will likely still feel like...water !
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    Reminds me: There was a short story by James Blish called "Surface Tension". It was written in the 50s, but AFAIK is scientifically realistic.
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