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Homework Help: Jumping problem

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    A flee jumps a horizontal distance of 0.035m with an angle of 70°.
    I calculated the startspeed, v0, to 0.73m/s (projectile motion) - but then im asked the following:
    "What is the flee's average acceleration, if the startspeed is achieved after a take-off on 8.0 * 10^(-4) m"
    How should i interpret the this situation?( As the startspeed being zero, and the flee accelerating to point where the speed, v0, is achieved? sounds odd to me)
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    If you assume a constant acceleration, a (the average acceleration), then the final speed is at= 0.73m/s and the distance is (1/2)at2= 8.0 x10-4m. Solve those two equations to find a.
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