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Medical Jungian archetypes

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    I was watching a video on Carl Jung and an interview with him. He said that archetypes are passed down from generation to generation by story-telling, or other cultural equivalents. My question is that I thought archetypes were supposed to be inate and that they did not require 'teaching'. So which is it? Are we born with archetypal images hardwired, or are we taught them?
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    Sheesh, 300 views and no replies. Any shrinks at PF or is it all physicist?
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    My impression is that the Archtetypes are part of our inherited Collective Unconscious,and also partially acquired through life experiences from our day of birth,so,please correct me if I am wrong:smile:

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    I think the Jugian Archetypes are clearly born from environmental nourishment. The genetic predisposition to certain things is also a driving factor.
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