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Junior design project.

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    Hi all,

    I am a second semester junior mechanical engineering student. I am taking a class titled "Mechanical Engineering Design." The class has a design project where we pick a problem and design a solution. He does not want something a freshman engineering student can design, but rather, a problem that requires engineering principles and analysis.

    I am having trouble thinking of a problem to design a solution around. I would love to do something related to efficient cooling with computer processors, but I have not taken Heat Transfer yet so I'm not sure if that would end well.

    Any ideas? Anything would help.

    Thank you in advance.
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    what are your interests?
    what field(s) do you want to work in after graduation?

    what recent advances have there been in that field? (google scholar, and doaj.org are very useful. Your school's library probably also has access to non-free journals.

    of these advances, which would you like to extrapolate on?

    What is your dream-widget (the invention/development that you want to give the world before you die)? Can you take steps towards that?

    What phenomena/development do you know very well (can you explain something inside and out to a non-technical person?)
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    Thank you for replying,

    This helped a lot. I meet up with a few friends yesterday to brainstorm possible ideas. We were using your post as a guidline :smile:. Thank you again
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