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Junior seeking help for project.

  1. Jan 22, 2004 #1
    Alrighty, thanks FZ+.
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    Er... I think you misunderstand Newton's equations here. There is a principle of relativity which states that travel at constant velocity is indistinguishible from being stationary. Thus, you can only measure change in velocity, not actual movement. Circular motion is different...

    No. There is an acceleration on the water towards the center, yes, but that is applied by the sides of the container. The water, by Newton's first law, will move at a tangential velocity until it is accelerated. So you should see an increase in water level away from your centre of rotation, where contact forces are acting to stop your water overflowing...
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    So the water would "tilt" away from the center? I know I'm new at this, so I appreciate your pointers.
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    Yes, it would tilt away, giving a higher water level at the sides and a lower level in the centre.
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    Excellent, this cleared up quite a bit. Thanks very much.
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