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Junk DNA?

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    junk DNA???

    over 97% of genes in the human genome are called 'junk dna'. what do you think is the junk dna for? ( beside regulatory functions, accumulated DNA of failed viruses, reservoire from which potentially advantageous new genes can emerge,... )
    please give me your assumptions, worries, hopes, wildest dreams about that one...
    i want to see bloody fingertips ;)
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    the "remnant DNA"? I was meaning to ask same question for a few days now, what a de ja vu

    oh and I hope there are some 'patterns' in it too.. it sure is a wild thing to have discovered.. and anybody who doubts it is a damned fool
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    some of this DNA has since been found to encode for functional RNA (siRNA, antisense, etc.). other regions are actively involved in translocation of genes. other regions are thought to merely add stability to the chromosome.

    the mystery is slowly being unravelled. but nonetheless, no one calls it "junk" dna anymore since it has been found to be essential to life - cutting out regions of junk DNA will often kill an organism.
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