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News Junk mail from G W Bush

  1. Oct 22, 2004 #1
    I received some junk mail from ISA@allthingsforpeople.net.
    First: I don't like junk mail.
    Second: I surely don't like stupid mails about a fantastic 50 Inch President enlargement. 4 years was already too long.


    Quote: "Not since the days of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln has a president put so much stock in his Christian faith and prayer life for making decisions and leading the United States in its hour of crisis. According to BBC correspondent Justin Webb: "Nobody spends more time on his knees than George W. Bush."
    My reaction: I seems Bush is on his knees for other things than God. He has executed more people as Governor of Texas than any other Governor. That's not how Christian people act. It seems he is kneeling for the Dollar Devil, and his assistants of the oil business.

    Quote: "The Bush administration hums to the sound of prayer. Prayer meetings take place day and night. It's not uncommon to see White House functionaries hurrying down corridors carrying Bibles."
    My reaction: It's not how many Bibles they carry. It's about the words that are inside, and applying the right words in the right sense.

    Quote: "This program will examine the extraordinary faith and prayer life of President George W. Bush, and how it impacts his personallife and his decisions as the leader of the free world. See how his faith has been unshakeable in dealing with the 9/11 terrorist attack, fighting al-Qaeda, ridding Iraq of the Saddam Hussein regime, rooting out terrorists in Afghanistan, and how his religious beliefs bring personal peace"

    My reaction: I would prefer "world peace" in stead of "personal peace", Sir.

    Quote: " ... and clarity in a time of terrorism and chaos across the world."
    My reaction: So stop creating more violence and chaos in this world. Please ... Peace, Sir.

    This spam e-mails shows again how the Bush (flop/flop) campaign uses religious elements trying to convince simple, very simple, people. And of course Bush promotes the "angry God" of the Old Testament, not the compassionate Jesus Christ of the "New Testament". In the Old Testament the rules is an eye for an eye. And as Einstein said: That makes everyone blind.
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