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Jupiter Trojans ever collide?

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    Does anyone know if the Jupiter Trojans (the asteroids that share an orbit with Jupiter) ever collide with moons or Jupiter itself?
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    the 2 sets of Trojans sharing Jupiter's orbit, one set leading Jupiter the other set lagging Jupiter.
    Those positions are quite some distance ahead and behind Jupiter, and as long at the asteroids stayed in those positions there would be no possibility of impacts.
    But because of gravitational interactions between Jupiter, Saturn and the asteroids, some asteroids can get ejected from those positions. Depending on trajectories, I guess, impacts could be possible

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    Awesome. That's exactly what I wanted to know. Thank you very much.
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    You are welcome :)

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    An interesting simulation of the motion of the Trojans:
    http://chemistry.unina.it/~alvitagl/solex/hiltro.gif [Broken]
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