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Jury debates over Scott Peterson’s fate…

  1. Nov 3, 2004 #1
    So the trial for the “husband from hell” is just about over. With the closing arguments complete, now we all have to wait for the jury to deliberate.

    How does everyone feel about this case? Do you think he’ll walk or get what he deserves? Also – I’ve been told that the judge is only going to give a 2-hour notice once the jury has reached its verdict. We do have a cable TV in the lounge area here at work, so I’ve been setting it to Court TV to try and keep up-to-date. I even noticed on their website that you can get the verdict sent to your cell phone, which is pretty crazy (though I’m the only one of my friends without one yet!)

    Personally, there’s nothing I’d rather see than a death sentence for this disgusting human, though life in prison wouldn’t be a bad 2nd option either.

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    fill me in, i dont know that guy nor what he did
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    Thats cause you don't live in californis. We all want him to fry. He's accused of murderinghis wife and unborn son almost two years ago (it happened on christmas eve). His alibi was that he was on a fishing trip, without them, on christmas eve. Its known he was having an affair, had jsut recently taken out an insurance policy on his wife, although that is not believedto be the motive. The bodies were found in the San Francisco bay IIRC.
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    thx, and i know the reason why i dont know, which is whay i was asking
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    I love the way people demonstrate understanding of the concept of innocent until proven guilty. And how reading the newspaper is believed to provide evidence to them beyond a reasonable doubt.

    Are these concepts really that hard?
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