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Just a few thoughts

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    I got two different things here so bare with me.

    First lets start with colors. What if the color blue or at least the color you know as blue is really the color red to me or black to the next guy. you may see blue i may see red but i call it blue and you call it blue because its the same color as what we were always told was the color blue. We were always told that the color of grass was green and that the sky was blue and the color red was actually the color red. but it all comes down to what each one of us sees individually does it not?

    Now for the universe. What if instead of expanding the universe is staying the same but everything inside of it is getting smaller? I'm sure someone has thought of that before. would it not be exactly the same as if it were expanding though? it could get infinitely small but size would only be relative to us inside this infinitely small universe.
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    No. Colors have actual frequencies. If you have a defect that makes you perceive the color dfferently, the frequency of the color does not actually change.


    Personal theories and overly speculative posts are not allowed here.
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    Apeiron, I believe that you are taking a basic misconception on the OP's part and making more of it than is there.

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