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Just a fun x-men question

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    which X-man's powers do you think are the most realistic biologically and physically.
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    Male baldness in Captain Pic...I mean, Dr. X.
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    lol that's hardly a super power
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    I would say that Wolverine is the most realistic, since his main power is accelerated healing, which allowed him to be bonded to his adamantium skeleton. His claws are also part of his biological skeleton, and since some mammals posess claws this seems conceivable through genetic alteration.

    The next most realistic mutant from the main line-up is Beast, since again he just has features of various mammals and that seems achievable with genetic alteration.

    Keep in mind that I'm only calling these fellows realistic in a relative sense, since all the other x-men I can think of can conjure various forms of energy beams/daggers/sparks, or have their powers based around flying, super-invulnerability, or teleportation/shapeshifting. Not only is there no known physical explanation for these kinds of phenomena, but even if you could do them they would probably make you very hungry and tired.

    The number three most realistic would be Rogue before she aquired the powers of Ms Marvel, since her original powers are concievable as belonging to a super-evolved parasite.
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    I'd concur with Exactly on Beast. The original beast didn't even have the blue fur. He was just a distinctly ape like human. I am pretty sure though that the level of strength and agility he possessed are probably rather unrealistic. Wolverine I would place at number two.

    Longshot was a character that was just lucky. He supposedly actually tipped probability in his favour with his power but at the base of it just being lucky isn't too terribly outlandish. OK, I just looked him up and apparently he was genetically engineered with two hearts, hollow bones, and super healing. So maybe not as realistic as I thought.
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    i would have to say wolverine... and that guy that shoots lasers...

    i am pretty sure....u can remove eyesight to get those lasers... but then ur stuck with no eyesight.....

    what a thing to choose?!
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    If you consider some of the other X-Men characters from the TV show and comic book series, there are considerably more options.

    For example, "Maggott" has no abilities of his own...he simply had 2 super-powered maggots that lived inside of his belly.

    "Warpath" has "superhuman strength, speed, stamina, agility, reflexes, durability, and senses"...but this could feasibly be achieved through working out, training, or taking stimulating drugs.

    "Karma" has only one ability which is mental possession of other people -- an ability that some hypnotists already claim to have over suggestable people, to some degree.

    However, I think the most mundane superpower of all goes to "Forge," who's ability was simply "superhuman inventive genius"...and we've already witnessed a few people like that on this Earth, like Da Vinci and Einstein.
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    I don't know if Cannonball was ever a member of the X-Men, or just X-Factor and the New Mutants. I've let off a couple of right beer farts that gave me his propulsion abilities, albeit without the invulnerability.
    It might be possible to genetically engineer something like Angel, although it would need much larger pectoral muscles than are depicted. It would probably be pretty fragile, though, given the hollow bones.
    As others mentioned, Beast was just a superhumanly strong and intelligent acrobat, with equal dexterity in all four limbs. Within limits, that's perfectly feasible; I've seen guys in dance contests hopping around on one hand, and lots of handicapped people can write or use a fork with their feet.
    Surgically, I don't see that it would be that difficult to reinforce a skeleton with some alloy as was done to Wolvie. To some extent, it's done every day for serious breaks. The weak areas would be the joints and spinal disks. The healing factor, though, is unrealistic, so bleeding to death would still be likely from any sort of puncture wound.
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    Sabretooth might be one up over Wolverine. Both have rapid healing, but Sabertooth is sans adamantium.
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    Angel might be feasible, but he'd need bigger wings and a bit more muscle.
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    By the bye, for those who watched the X-Men movies but aren't familiar with the comics, Wolvie originally had Adamantium strips embedded in channels milled out of the bones. He wasn't injected with a liquid as shown on the screen. That's just yuckie.
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