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Just a math question

  1. Oct 30, 2006 #1
    Hey, i stumbled across a math problem thats got me stump and I was wondering if anyone can help me out. What we have are there 2 dependent variables and 1 independent variable (X,Y, and Z respectively). It looks something like this
    X = Z²*201527
    Y = Z*54794
    324634960= X + Y

    What I am trying to do is find Z.

    I Thought i could elimnate common variables to get an answer but I guess not, unless I am doing doing something wrong. If it helps Z must be a positive Number. Thanks for the help =)
    Oh and one thing, if possible could you make a similiar problem up? I kind of want to solve this one by myself but im not sure how to =p
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    Add the expressions for X and Y in terms of Z together, and then set that equal to what you know X+Y is. Then you can solve for Z, and also find X and Y if you wanted or needed to.
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    Hey i meant to post this the other day, but someone already solved it simply by useing the quadatric formula =p. Im surprised that didn't stick out. Well thanks anyways =D.
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